Hate 3D


I think 3D is just an excuse to make movie tickets higher. Why? Becuase I’ve seen a movie in 3D and there’s not much difference. Well, you may be thrilled when you think that something on screen’s blowing up on your face but come on. Is it really worth it? No. It’s just a way for those film tycoons to earn more with letting us borrow their 3D shades.

No more watching movies in 3D. Even Toy Story 3. 😐


God knows when’s the last time I updated this account, let alone visit and scan my dashboard. My wordpress account, I shall say, is just like a guy in coma: alive, but not kicking. I’ve been busy with doing rigorous activities during summer like watching tv and hitting the snooze button whenever I have to wake up early that I forgot to write. Hell yeah. And I’ve been so depressed that whenever someone asks me to write something, I will be staring on the paper for seconds, minutes.. and still nothing will come out of my nutshell.

I believe I have more than enough time to babble something over here from time to time. May some good friends arise whenever I need them who are going to buzz me saying, “Hey I’m bored. Why don’t you try making yourself useful and write something?”

Then I’ll write.

Today was the 2nd week since I had my summer vacation and after our Bataan trip, I’m stuck with sleep, food and internet. Total bummer. It’s so ridiculous that I’m staying indoors instead of enjoying the scorching hotness outside. The problem is I only have 20 pesos in my wallet (pang-Cornetto lang!), not much if you want to go outside. Just outside if you know what I mean.

I actually wished that my summer would be spent with slothfulness and a lot of slacking but damn, now I’m drowning. It’s the only thing I’m doing for the last 72 hours. F it. When there’s school, I crave for summer. When summer’s around, I still loathe school but I kind of miss it. My my. People are really hot n’ cold, eh?

Going back to my financial issue, that’s the reason why I decided to enroll on a review center for the coming college exams. I know it’s rude to actually take advantage of my Dad but man, tell me where the hell can I fill my pocket?? T_T Besides, I think imma enjoy the review, knowing new people and stuffs. With all my fingers crossed, I wish I could arrive at the center in Cubao alone without getting lost. This is the problem when you’re fucking retard when it comes to directions. Either you’ll be sarcastically praised by arriving at a certain place or you’ll be taunted for not. Thanks to Mum, Dad, Gers, Ate Che and Arms for enlivening that spirit. 😐

Right now, me and Guitar will have quality time together. That’s the only thing I’m gonna do this summer. *Rawr!* Calloused fingers I’ll get, but knowing how to play The Killers and Yellowcard will be worth the pain. \m/

I <3 Bataan



With all my heart, I will confess how I didn’t really made my Holy Week holy. T____T Instead, me and my fam went to Bataan to chillax. Bataan I say, is not entirely HOT. Maybe it’s better to be described as steamy. XD The beach was great though I’m not really a big fan of swimming in salty water. The worst part of the trip was actually the road trip. You can imagine how momentarily I flinched, I change positions, I moan (YES. The sun is fucking deadly.) and I turn everytime ’cause their roads are zig-zagged (or whatever your vocabulary wants to describe it). I hate Bataan when the sun’s so hot it’s spoiling my summer. It’s not a place you can call supreme but it’s not too bad than being in the metro. 🙂

All hail to Bataan and tan lines and sunshine!



Here comes my professional blog entry =))

I actually thought that this summer, I may be spending with a bunch of morons. Well.. I was wrong. I have me my cousins searching for me, and I feel so GLAAAAAD. XD

Last Saturday, I went in this swimming competition somewhere in Sta. Rosa, Laguna with my cousins and their lola. It was actually fun though a little embarrassed since everyone who went there swims big time. Unfortunately for me, I don’t know how to swim and it sucks when someone’s bringing that “Do you know how to swim?” question and I have to say NO. I DON’T.

I even saw Christine Jacob and Pia Cayetano there stuck with their PA’s and kids. How do I know it’s really Cayetano? She had cars with her faces along the streets. So anyway, the competition was kinda boring when they are having breaks and they only serve nachos and cupcakes and siomai so me and Jem (my cousin) went to look around the place and went cam whoring. There are a bunch of Koreans there which made Jem oggle to the max. Kind of creepy. Hehe. Sorry cous, Love you. :*

Houses built around the place were so cool ’cause they are American-inspired houses with landscapes and no gates and they even own mail boxes! But the coolest factor was the sole park bench in the middle of the subdivision (?). If Jem didn’t hold on to me, I had flown away. WEEEEEH.

So fortunately for Jelay, she won 4 ribbons and to think that this is her first time, right? So grand. \m/ It was a heck a lot of fun and we decided to celebrate in a Japanese resto (Umayemo was the name I guess? :|). It was funny though since we only ordered everything solo and each time the waitress have to approach us ’cause we always want an additional of this.. another one of that.. We’re all craving for ramen and tempura and maki kase. 😉 Lola (which I never had the chance to ask for her name) was so cool. She was like a teenager stuck in a granny’s body. She tolerates our trips.. joins our convos and it’s cute. 😀

We decided to chill at Starbucks and grab a fast cup of coffee so we can eat along the way home in Cavite. My mocha frap didn’t even last for 5 mins. and so I slept.


My plan is, imma go home after a day or so since I was so restless, I just wanna sleep and celebrate my summer with the longest slumber. But the thing is, fortunately for me, my cousin called saying I have to go home that day ’cause he got me some tickets for JT’s concert in Maniluuuuuh!! I mean how cool was that?!? I was just trying to enjoy Cavite and suddenly, a gold ticket for a one-night only concert? Heaven. Definitely heaven.

We left home at around 7pm and the concert’s gonna start at 8 so I didn’t had the chance to change my outfit. T______T The concert was awesome. Seeing Timbaland and Jojo and JT was the coolest I think my summer’s complete. JT is drool-worthy he’s so hot when he played the piano. =P~ We take out some chickens at Hooters, went home then sleep. I look like an idiot when I got home, with my hair so messy and my eyes so dead. Another zombie night, I guess. But man! It was FUN like Fanny Serrano. HEEEEHEEEE~

And oh!! The vintage cars! Hell yeah for my tito’s vintage collection of to-die-for cars. He owns this really nice green Mustang, a white BMW and a dark blue VW beetle which had me screaming! (Only with my mind) Nice to see some old pieces of clean junks before I came home to Manila. 😀

Kuya Jake: No JT for me to blog if not for you! THANKSSSALOOT! >:D<

Pictures and videos of JT's concert are on my Facebook account. Imma upload them when I find time. TOODLES!